TMS Entertainment, Ltd. (Hereafter “TMS”) will comply with all personal information related laws and protect customers’ personal information with the following policies.

1. Asking for customers’ personal information

TMS’s website (Hereafter “website”) is operated by TMS as service for its customers. In aiming to provide better service, TMS may ask customers’ for their personal information on certain pages (Inquiries etc.) when customers use this website.

2. Type of privacy information

Information that TMS will request would be mainly information necessary when providing services from this website such as customers’ name, email address, telephone number, address, shipping address etc.

3. Protection and management of personal information

-TMS will treat personal information provided by customers with utmost care and respect. To provide better service, TMS may outsource the handling of personal information. In that case, TMS will instruct and direct outsourcing company to manage information and prevent information leakage. Also, when providing statistics information to others, TMS will solely provide statistics information.
-TMS will take effective and necessary measures to protect the privacy of personal information of customers who visit this website.

4. Utilization of personal information

-For customers who provide their personal information and agree to receive information, TMS and outsourcing company may send information by email. If a customer does not wish to receive the information, please send a notice to TMS, and TMS will stop information distribution.

5. Correct and delete personal information

-TMS will disclose legally acceptable information without delay if requested by principal about his or her personal information. It will be on the condition that the information disclosed will not harm another customers life, body, property or profits, or if TMS judges it will be an extreme obstacle for TMS to continue conducting business.
-TMS will provide system where the customer himself/herself can correct and delete their personal information. Also, TMS will correct and delete personal information without delay upon customers’ request.

6. Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose customers’ personal information if it falls under the following categories.

-If a customers (customers) conduct puts another customer and TMS in a disadvantage, TMS may notify customer(s)’s personal information to the party involved, police and other related institutions.

-We may disclose customers’ registered content, if the court, prosecutor, police, bar association, consumer affairs bureau and/or other institution with similar authority requires it.

TMS will review and update above items accordingly.
When so, updated items will be posted on this webpage.