50 min. / 1 eps.

MUSHIKING The King of Beetles SUPER BATTLE MOVIE -Altered Beetles of Darkness-

MUSHIKING The King of Beetles SUPER BATTLE MOVIE -Altered Beetles of Darkness-


Original title in Japanese: Kochuouja Mushiking Super Battle Movie -Yami no Kaizo Kochu-



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Battle the Darkness! Save the Forest!
Ultimate showdown of the Battle of the Beetles!!
Super Battle of the Beetles

Wildly excited over the realistic and feverish battles of the beetles.

Much attention is paid to MUSHIKINGs most appealing element, the battle scenes! In this theatrical version, the world view is reproduced true to that in the arcade game, and of which is familiar to the gamers, including the storyline. Also, a new insect, Iron Stripe Stag-Beetle, will make his debut! The happy-go-lucky and timid Iron Stripe will grow into an insect that bravely faces its enemies. Mushiking and other popular beetles such as Caucasus Beetle and Blue Hercules Beetle will make their appearances as well! The arcade game has reached 6,500 stores and the total number of cards issued has exceeded 420 million throughout Japan.

A shadow of Darkness approaches a peaceful Forest...
Sounds like trouble for Mushiking!

Lets put our strengths together and fight Adder!
Deep in the Forest exists a paradise for the fairies and insects. There, Popo the Fairy, Mushiking, The King of Beetles, and many other beetles live happily together. One day, a happy-go-lucky beetle named Iron Stripe Stag-Beetle (Iron Stripe) from another forest appears in front of Popo, requesting a challenge with Mushiking in a combat. Suddenly, Iron Stripe and Popo are attacked by a red-eyed beetle, Blue Hercules Beetle, who is being controlled by Adder, the Fairy of Darkness scheming to rule the Forest. Mushiking, The King of Beetles, rushes to the rescue, but with Giraffe Stag-beetle (Giraffe), also controlled by Adder, showing up, he has to battle two giant beetles as he defends Popo and friends, and gradually losing strength, gets captured and is taken away.