45min. 45min. 40min. 40min. / 4 eps.



(c)R. KAWAI / Shogakukan, SMDE, TV Tokyo 2000
Produced by SMDE
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Original title in Japanese:
Premium #1: HAMTARO no Otanjobi -Mama wo Tazunete Sanzen Techitechi-
Premium #2: Hamchans no Takarasagashi Daisakusen -Hamha!! Suteki na Umi no Natsuyasumi-
Premium #3: Hamchans to Niji no Kuni no Oujisama
Premium #4: Hamchans no Mezase! Hamham Kin Medal -Hashire! Hashire! Daisakusen!-



Hamtaro will take you on his new adventures filled with fun and excitement!

#1 "Happy Birthday Hamtaro" : 45min.
On his birthday, Hamtaro learns about his mother when Laura shows him his baby pictures. Hamtaro decides to see his mother after his friends encourage him. The road he takes to visit his mother is a distant three thousand ticky-ticky! Meanwhile, Hamtaro's friends are busy preparing for Hamtaro's birthday party.
Original Title in Japanese:
Hamutaro no Otanjobi Mama wo Tazunete Sanzen Techi-techi

#2 "Ham-Ham Treasure Hunting" : 45min.
Summer! The ocean! And treasure hunting!
Hamtaro and friends, the Ham-Hams, are off on a treasure hunt with the Southerner hamster, Haibi.
But the Ham-Hams miss the ship and end up going separate ways!
Will Hamtaro and his friends be able to reach the Treasure Island safely?
The world's smallest, big adventure on the ocean begins for Hamtaro and friends!
Original Title in Japanese:
Hamuchanzu no Takarasagashi Daisakusen Hamuha! Sutekina Umi no Natsuyasumi

#3 "Prince of Rainbow Land" : 40min.
One day, a little hamster named Bo dropped from the sky along with a loud thunderclap. He came to the town where Hamtaro lives "to look for the greatest treasure in the world" under the orders of the Queen of Rainbow Land.
Circumstances lead Hamtaro and his friends to help Bo with his treasure hunting, and at the same time, revealing the true identity of "Bo".
Original Title in Japanese:
Hamuchanzu to Niji no Kuni no Oujisama Sekaide Ichiban no Takaramono

#4 "Go for The Gold!" : 40min.
One day, Hamtaro and his friends receive an umbrella sent to them by Bo. The umbrella is the torch for the sacred flame used at the Ham-Ham Sports Tournament, held once every Hamuhamu (8686 in Japanese) calendar year. Hamtaro and his friends set off on an adventure to deliver the sacred flame to a sacred place called "Hamrishia"! But three mysterious hamsters, the "Rainbow Girls", stand in the way. Who are they!?
Original Title in Japanese:
Hamuchanzu to Mezase! Hamuhamu Kinmedal Hashire! Hashire! Daisakusen