90 min. / 1eps.

Lupin the 3rd "THE LAST JOB"

Lupin the 3rd  "THE LAST JOB"

Original comic books created by Monkey Punch © Monkey Punch All rights reserved © TMS All rights reserved

Original title in Japanese: Lupin 3 sei, the Last Job



The 21st TV Special!
Can Inspector Zenigata be killed off
After 20 years in the series!?

Treasures, possibly Hitler's legacy, are discovered from a Nazi Germany sanatorium. Among them is a Japanese cultural treasure, a Buddha statue, which Lupin naturally decides to go after. However, a mysterious group of ninja thieves led by Morgana get to the statue first, and while they're at it they reportedly kill Inspector Zenigata.

Lupin, upon Zenigata's honor, vows to avenge Pops' death by taking the treasure back from the Ninja Gang, and with Jigen and Goemon he works tenaciously to realize this promise. But when Fujiko also decides to go after the treasure and joins in on the scramble, she gets in Lupin's way and further complicates the matter. If that was not enough, Goemon and Jigen will also be facing a crisis of their own at this critical time. How will Lupin and his gang fight against the toughest enemy they will have ever encountered? What secrets can be found in the treasures?

This treasure scramble will take you through Germany, Italy and France.

What does the title, "The Last Job," mean? Is it literal? Can this job really be Lupin's last? If so, what will happen to this series? Watch for yourself - enjoy the speedy action scenes, the fantastic stealing technique, and the slick "Lupin" lines you might want to remember for later - and figure out for yourself the many mysteries concealed in this episode!