30 min. / 62eps.



© Wataru Watanabe (Akitashoten) / Yowamushi Pedal Film Partners



Pedaling for the Win!
On the road to victory.

Sakamichi Onoda loves animation so much, that ever since he was in elementary school hes ridden his bike into the animation mecca, Akihabara, which is over 90 kilometers away.

The first thing he wanted to do after getting into Sohoku High School, was join the animation club. However, his hopes of finding like-minded friends that shared his passion for anime were dashed when he discovered that the club had already been abolished.

He decides to gather other students together to try and re-form the animation club, and as he rides his bike up a hill singing to himself, another freshman named Imaizumi sees him, and challenges him to a race.

Afterwards, he bumps into Naruko in Akihabara, another fellow bicyclist. They find themselves riding their bikes together, and Naruko is surprised at how great a bicyclist Sakamichi is.

Sakamichi starts riding his bike with everyone, and eventually comes around and decides to join the bicycling club. But within the club, the best team members are chosen to represent their school in the competition to see which high school has the best bicycling team. Sakamichi has just joined the club, will he be chosen to represent his school?

The heated race begins!