As part of SEGA SAMMY group that provides a wide range of experiences, TMS ENTERTANEMNT CO., LTD. has the mission to be “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating.” We aim to provide our fans with an exciting and colorful life with anime around the world!

TMS started out as a production company, debuting with Big X in 1964 and continued to create legendary titles such as LUPIN THE 3rd, ANPANMAN, and DETECTIVE CONAN. We celebrate our 60th anniversary in the industry this year. TMS has played a pivotal role in laying the foundation of Japanese animation, striving to develop and spread the culture of anime for generations to come.

The vision we have for our future is to “Create anime loved around the world.” Our primary strength is the ability to create anime, but we also strive to deliver the anime we created and bring joy to people around the world. We hope that anime will bring excitement and laughter, moving the hearts of the viewers as well as bringing something new to their lives. Only then will our work finally have meaning, and this fundamental value will hold true long into the future.

However, as stated earlier, we value not only the creation of anime but also the act of delivering our work to our audience. Therefore, in recent years we have expanded our business to developing original anime IPs, working with distributors globally to make them accessible to fans around the world, and creating merchandise and media to flourish even more excitement from these IPs. TMS as it stands today is the result of expanding our business to all opportunities that stem from the anime we create and taking on challenges on all fronts.

The history of anime dates back over 100 years, but with its long history comes a deep-rooted work culture and traditional labor intense production methods that have been difficult to break out of. Additionally, anime production companies have long worked under a system that makes it difficult to distribute profits fairly, even if the work they produce is successful. Combined with larger social issues such as the declining and aging population, the competition for human resources is intensifying, and we are starting to see red flags in the sustainability of the Japanese animation industry.

To break out of this cycle, TMS pledged in 2019 to uphold the concept of “Anime SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – Create a sustainable future for the anime industry by 2030” from a production, business, and talent development perspective in hopes of improving the anime industry as a whole.

Of course, the growth of our own company is important, but TMS will simultaneously continue to pursue the development and expansion of the entire anime industry. We strive to create anime that the world will continue to embrace and produce experiences that will captivate audiences far into the future.


Tadashi Takezaki

3-31-1 Nakano,Nakano-ku,Tokyo