As part of SEGA SAMMY group that provides a wide range of entertainment, TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. has the mission to “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating”. We aim to provide an exciting and colorful life with Anime around the world!

The vision we have for our future is to “Creating anime adored around the world”. Of course, our strength is the ability to create anime, in addition, we strive to deliver the anime we created to people around the world. We hope that anime will bring excitement, laughter, and move the hearts of the viewers as well as adding value to their lives. With that, our work will finally have meaning.

TMS started out as a production company with “Big X” in 1964 and continued to create legendary titles such as “Lupin THE 3rd”, “ANPANMAN”, and “DETECTIVE CONAN” (a.k.a. “CASE CLOSED”) for over half a century.

However, as stated earlier, we value not just creating anime but also the act of delivering our works. Therefore, in recent years we have collected the funds, produced new anime, performed to sell it around the world, and created merchandise from these IPs. We have accomplished to become a company that challenges itself on various fronts in the anime industry.

Anime’s history dates back over 100 years. Within the long history, the work environment and labor intensity have been stuck in the past. The business structure limits the financial rewards of the anime production company’s tireless efforts. This type of anime industry structure is becoming too far overstrained. To break out of this mold, TMS has begun tackling the problem by upholding the concept of “Anime SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – Create a sustainable future for the anime industry by 2030” with three main pillars, “Innovative production structure”, “Innovative business structure”, and “Innovative hiring and training” in hopes to improve the Anime industry.

Of course, the growth of our company is important, at the same time, TMS will continue to pursue the development and expansion of the Anime industry. We strive to create anime that the world will keep adoring along with producing captivativing experiences for the future.


Tadashi Takezaki

3-31-1 Nakano,Nakano-ku,Tokyo