TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (the “TMS Group”) hereby establish and comply with this TMS Group Social Media Policy (the “SNS policy”) concerning the operation of social media accounts and participation in social media by TMS Group employees.
SNS policy consists of Principles and Guidelines, and we will thoroughly notify all TMS Group employees concerning this policy by disclosing principles worldwide.


■ The Purposes of Participation in Social Media.

TMS Group disseminates information concerning the TMS Group and its associate the SEGA-SAMMY Group through social media and aims to engage and build a long-term relationship with customers. Specifically, we have the following four objectives to participate in social media:

  1. To gain a better understanding of works, products, and services that customers truly want through sincere dialogue with them.
  2. To inform more customers about TMS Groups’ works, products, and services.
  3. To inform more customers about Group employees’ passion for works, products, and services.
  4. To improve the quality of TMS Groups’ works, products, and services, and enhance the reliance and raise its brand value.

■ The Stance for Participation in Social Media

TMS Group participates in social media with an attitude of sensible and restraint with the understanding that social media are forums for communication based on personal connections, and that once information is posted it becomes broadly disseminated and can never be entirely deleted.

  1. Listen to customers’ voices and try to actively provide information which will ensure some benefit or satisfaction to participating customers.
  2. Take care concerning the content of information that is posted and the manner of distribution, and make an effort to avoid to distribute incorrect information or information that may be misunderstood by customers.
  3. If incorrect or inappropriate information is distributed or language that can lead to misunderstanding is used, immediately apologize and correct the information.
  4. Comply with the rules of social media that the third parties create and operate, and respect its unique culture and manners.
  5. Respect the rights of intellectual properties and privacy of third parties, and take care not to harm the reputations of others.
  6. As the employees of TMS Group, we comply with not only the laws of a nation and regions but also “TMS Group CSR charter“, “TMS Group code of behavior”, the company’s other rules and this policy.

■ Requirements for all employees of TMS Group

TMS Group has adopted guidelines that indicate its basic stance for employee participation in social media. Not only people in charge of managing TMS Groups’ official account but also all employees who use social media are required to understand these guidelines and to participate in social media with discretion.

SNS Terms of Use

November 21st,2018; enacted

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