1.The following policies are adopted for the use of TMS’s social networking services (the “SNS”)or platforms (the “this service”) that are operated by TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd., its relative companies (the “TMS”) and other social networking companies.

2.The following behaviors (and suspected behaviors) are not permitted for all users of this service.

(1) Infringing the rights and benefits of TMS, other users or other third parties.  (Including the behavior of secondary use such as duplicating, diverting, reprinting or selling of movies or pictures which are posted on this service without permission of its proprietors.
(2) Making negative comments, insulting, harming the reputations, trusts or privacies of TMS, other users or other third parties. (Including the behavior of disclosing personal information such as TMS, other users or third parties’ mail addresses, phone numbers, or addresses.) Also the behavior of obstructing businesses.
(3) Violating the Public Officers Election Act.
(4) Recruiting to religions or any other groups.
(5) Soliciting for investments, donations, funding or purchases of goods or services.
(6) Introducing or soliciting websites TMS deems inappropriate, or downloading and utilizing this service for inappropriate purposes.
(7) Diverting information which the users gained through this services for any commercial purposes.
(8) Disseminating harmful programs or files such as computer viruses which damage TMS, other users or other third parties’ computers’ normal functions.
(9) Posting unauthorized information or contents of this website.
(10) Preventing TMS, other users or third parties providing or using these services.
(11) Fraudulent activities such as hacking, monitoring or duplicating of all or part of this site.
(12) Violating laws, SNS terms of use, public policies, or penal laws, and any other inappropriate behavior.

3.If the users of this service violate these policies, their posting will be deleted and use of this service will be restricted by TMS. And the users shall not object to this.

4.If the users of this service violate these policies and harm, both material and moral, to TMS, other users or other third parties, the users shall be liable for compensating and resolving the problems. TMS shall not bear burden of any damages.

5.TMS does not guarantee or endorse the contents of information that are provided by the users of this service. Therefore TMS shall not be liable for any harmful cases arising from a misunderstanding by the users.

6.The copyrights of the information that are posted through this service by the users, including the rights which are regulated in Article27 and 28 of Copyright Act, shall all belong to TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. Therefore the users shall not have or exercise the moral rights of the author. This means the users do not have rights to demand any fees.

7.TMS is able to change the content of these policies without agreements from the users of this service. In this case, the altered policies shall be justly valid when they’re applied on the website or publicized in others, and the altered rules shall be applied afterword.

8.Tokyo District Court is entitled the exclusive jurisdiction about the conflicts concerning these policies or the use of this service, and by using this service, all users shall be deemed to have agreed to this.

November 21st,2018; enacted

3-31-1 Nakano,Nakano-ku,Tokyo